Traveling Options For Your European Vacation

Europe is a popular destination all year round for tourists, and with it’s thousands of years of history there is no shortage of sight-seeing and culture to experience; in fact the only thing you’ll be short of is time. So what are your best options for exploring Europe?

Renting a car

Car rental is a good choice if you have more time to spare on your vacation. European highways are generally well-maintained and organized, but as we all know, at certain times of day traffic can be slow, and if you have the misfortune to encounter a bank holiday during the summer, you can expect hours of delays. On the positive side, being in a car grants you a mobility that other forms of transport cannot. You can stop for lunch in a small town, or take a detour to enjoy the scenery.

Taking the train

Most people that come to Europe want to see the major cities; London, Paris, Madrid, Prague, etc. These are all extremely well connected by train. However, train travel can be expensive if not booked in advance, so you should plan ahead. Consider getting a Eurail pass, which allows you free movement across Europe for up to a month, or look for special offers on the rail website of the country you’ll be traveling from.

Taking a plane

This is the fastest way to travel across Europe, and if you are really pressed for time, flying from city to city will offer you the chance to cram more into your trip. As with trains, booking ahead will help save you a lot of money here, and packing light will also prove beneficial. If you can fit everything into your carry-on luggage, you’ll be in and out of the airport a lot quicker. The disadvantage to flying is that airports are often located miles outside of the city you want to visit, and the cost of a taxi into town can match that of your flight, if you aren’t careful.