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Back To School Shopping At Walmart

This year we had some fun before going back to school shopping at Walmart! recently launched their Back-To-School Closet, which is an app that helps you create your child's look while staying within your budget! Talk about a great idea. All you have to do to get started is head over to’s Back-to-School Closet Creator and start stocking up on the items your child needs for school. I had no idea how much I would be spending on school clothes this year so I just started

Back-To-School Shopping With #CookiesKids Online

Kids Clothes Online This year marks the 40th birthday of Cookie's Kids, The Kids Department Store. In 1972 Cookie, and his brother Marvin opened their first store in Jamaica, Queens and opened the day after Thanksgiving selling toys. They had so much success that they put their profits towards buying children's clothing for the following season. After much continued success their brother Sonny joined them as a partner, and they began to open new stores, in new locations. By the last 1990's they had six stores …

Fall Fashion Faves That Fit Any Budget {} Ladies Dresses I never really cared for fashion before I got divorced. You see, I was never really happy with my body, and that really had an effect on my personal style. I was a jeans and t-shirt girl even when I was a teen and get Resources for Educational Excellence, and it only got worse as I started having kids. I just didn't have the time or money to waste on clothes, at least that's what I always told myself. The truth was I lacked self confidence more than anything. You would think my divorce would have sent me into an even more debilitating

ivivva athletica Disney Shake It Up Dancewear {Easter Gift Guide}

ivivva athletica Disney Shake It Up Dance Wear Basic Info: Gift: ivivva athletica Disney Shake It Up Dance Wear Price: $28.00 - $68.00 Description From Manufacturer: ivivva athletica, lululemon athletica’s dance apparel brand for girls, announced the launch of a new dancewear collection for girls in collaboration with Disney Consumer Products. The Shake It Up collection is inspired by the hit Disney Channel series featuring the adventures of Cece Jones and Rocky Blue.